About Sangam Project Consultants

Sangam Project Consultants (SPC) is a team of Engineers with excellent background in the field of Engineering Works including Highways, Bridges & Roads, Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals, Industrial Structures, Multistoried Buildings, Interiors, Survey Works and Implementation & Management of Turnkey Projects.

SPC is confident that their professional education, significant busi¬ness experience together with their proven project management abilities will enable them to make a positive contribution towards planning & executing the projects. SPC Team Members have been instrumental in successfully completing Multi-Specialty Hospitals & Five Star Hotels of International Repute in the past.

SPC has excellent Computer facilities with latest packages to design & monitor the Projects. SPC is also conversant with "PDM Networking, Database Management, Spreadsheets and Graphics" which can be co-related with the Management Information Systems.

SPC can & intends to take up challenging assignments from you and work towards the Organizational Goal. SPC will be responsible for providing you a 'Total Package“ in which we shall be blending the Business Issues and the Information Technology to achieve the firm's goal.

As your Consultant , SPC shall be responsible for an abundant flow of high quality ideas through "Project Proposals" for

  • Keeping the Organization in line with its plans, and for Changing or Adjusting the plans, Firm has visualized, etc.

The limits of the Project will be defined with regard to

  • The Problem Description & Expected Effects of the Project,
  • Total Project Time & Milestones, Main Events & Interface Events,
  • Total Cost for the Project and distribution of this cost over several Budget Periods within the duration of Project,
  • The Existing Co-ordination requirements with respect to the work results of other Projects performed by the firm symbolized by the interface events of the Project Network,
  • The General Standards,Procedures,Policies, etc. applied by the firm

These Project Proposals & Project Plans will be Periodically Updated and improved using the Information Feed-Back from other previously executed Projects. The Project Plans/Proposals shall be a network of following ten "Control Phases":

  • Project Initiation Phase:
    • Collect Project Ideas, Policies & Plans of firm,
    • Contents of the Bank of Potential Projects,
    • Experience Data in the Information File,
    • Check the Reasonableness of the Estimated
      • Resource Inputs (Mandays vis-à-vis Economic Limit)
      • Completion Date of the Project,
    • Making the Project Proposals for the Related Projects,
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Project taking into account:
      • the Unknowns & Uncertainties of the Situation,
      • the Restrictions & Difficulties expected for the Project,
      • and Resource Inputs, Time & Cost reqd. to perform the Project.

  • Project Planning Phase:
    • Establish the Project Plan,
    • Make Resource Input Contracts,
    • Initiate the Document Files,
    • Order the Starting of the Project.

  • Ordering the Execution of Activities Phase:
    • Initiate The Projects Group
    • Establish & Distribute Activity Descriptions,
    • Order the Execution of Activities,

  • Execution Phase for Project Activities:
    • Execute Activities,
    • Document work Results,
    • Control the Contents, Form & Quality of Work Results,

  • Information Gathering for Project Control:
    • Prepare the Control Statements Periodically,

  • Evaluation Phase, for Project Control Information:
    • Relate Project Control Information to Plan Data,
    • Determine the Causes and Effects of Deviations,

  • Project Plan Alteration Phase

  • Project Termination Phase

  • Initiation Phase for Consequent Projects

  • Processing Phase for FeedBack Information:
    • Develop Proposals for Improvements,
    • Decide on, Carry out and Communicate Information about changes & Improvements.
    As a "Consultant", Sangam shall crystallize the experience gained over past years and Know-how to propose and prepare detailed Engineering Reports, Feasibility Studies, Financial Advice on profitability and Construction/Production Control and to analyze a situation and structure a solution.

  • 432, Central Facility Building,

  • APMC Phase II, Mkt. 1,

  • Sector 19B,

  • Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400705

  • Phone:+91 22 27884187

  • E-mail: sangampc@vsnl.com